How Much Insurance Coverage You Need?


I came across this website by iMoney who done an interesting study on how much insurance coverage does a Malaysian need, in a beautiful infographic that’s easy to understand.

It highlights the reasons why Malaysians dont have enough coverage due to various factors like affordability, lack of awareness and more.

Take a good study of the infographic at iMoney’s website.

To me, everyone needs some sort of insurance be it medical or life insurance because these are the main factors that could break our hard-earned savings in the long run.

Happy New Year!

Jesse-Owens-Determination-500Its the beginning of the new year for AIA and I am so excited about the great things I want to attain in 2015! As a life planner, I felt the days and months in 2014 just zapped by..

Looking back over the months, it was a good mix of good and bad experiences that ultimately made me a better person, both in relationships and in my career as a life planner.

I am so looking forward for this new year and I vow to raise the bar upon myself to reach greater heights by adopting new and innovative ways to be a better person. This December 2014 will be my launch board to all great things in 2015.

I wish you all good health and great success in what ever that excites you!

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